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How to Know a Child with Conduct Disorder and Save Him from Becoming Jail Bird in Adulthood

 This is why I am writing this information to empower the readers on how to identify and understand a child with conduct disorder. Children with conduct disorder have a high possibility of becoming criminals and ending into prison. However if they are identified early they can be helped through professional counselling to become responsible citizens. This is am writing this information to empower parents and caretakers as an affirmative step toward raising a better generation for a better Kenya. Children with behaviour disorder can portray their characteristics at home, school or community in general.


1. They display bullying or intimidating behaviour
2. They frequently start physical fights with peers.
3. They may be physically cruel to animals or people
4. They steal while confronting a victim.
5. They force someone into sexual activity ( engage in rape or sexual defilement)
6. The engage in deliberate destruction of other people and school properties.
7. They frequently lie or break promises to obtain goods or favours.
8. They steal goods of non trivial value without confronting the victims such shoplifting and forgery.
9. They seriously violate school and home rules.
10.They have a pattern of staying Late at night despite parental prohibition.
11. The have a pattern of running away from home overnight.

Parents must know that conduct disorder in children can be an interplay of many factors. Some of the factors that can predispose a child to conduct disorder may include;
1. Parental rejection. Most rejected children mostly grow in a Lessiez faire environment where parents do not care what they do.
2. Inconsistent child rearing practices with hatch discipline.
3. Physical, sexual and emotional abuse.
4. Lack of supervision by parents, teachers and other care takers.
5. Early institutional living like taking children to boarding schools at very early age.
6. Frequent changes of caregivers.
7. Having large families where children do not receive adequate parental love, attention and care.
8. Rejection by peers.
9. History of maternal smoking during pregnancy.

Parents and children caretakers must be keen in their observations. If a child displays most of the symptoms discussed above it is important to seek professional counseling services.

Parents must ensure children with conduct disorders are identified and counselled.

Keep following for more and enlightening information. Its time to use social media as a educational forum to better our children and the future of the country.

By Stephen Kamore

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