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Parent Must Arise and Raise Confident Children


Those who have read Ben Carson book " Think Big" can testify one key motivation factor being his success is the role of his mother. In Kenya many parents are too busy making wealth but investing too little in mentorship of their children. I have interacted with many parents in various forums and what I hear them say is evidence of desperation in parenting. This is why I have created this forum to empower my fellow colleagues in parenting on how to raise better generations.

One great behavioural psychologist once said " Give me a child and I make it to be anything". The children we have in our families and society in general is the product of our parenting and environments. It all start with a willingness to win in this struggle. According to Audrey Hemburn " Nothing is impossible, the word itself says 'I am possible'"

Children can be nurtured to greatness. I have evidence of the power of positive thinking in achieving success in life. In my book " Principles of Keeping your Dreams Afloat " I have shared deeply on the importance of nurturing a positive mindset. As a parent I believe this is one of my major role in raising successful children. This is the focus this article.

Principles of raising confident successful children.

1. Get positive. It is pretty hard to get anything done when we are stuck on thoughts like " it is difficult, not possible and no money" positive mental set up begins with parents. Attitudes are contagious from parents to children. Positive thoughts are the only way parents will find motivation to inspire and nurture their children to greatness. According to the words of Vince Lombard " Winning in not everything, but wanting to win is" I you find yourself thinking negative thoughts about your children, just stop and start seeing professionals and greatness in them. Make your children know you believe in them being great and successful. Nothing inspiring to a children like parents who speaks positive about their future.

2. Get confident. Along thinking positive about your children, you must think positive about yourself. Parents who are not confident tends to influence their children negatively. If you think you are incapable as a parent, it will seriously put barrier on the amount of efforts you give to all you do including raising successful children. To get started , count your successes. What have you done in the past that you can be proud of as a mother or father. Install the confidence in your children. Let them know they are capable of successful life despite the current family status. Train them to focus on what is positive in the family and focus on a better future.

3. Stop mourning wake up and move on. It is important to know that in life there are setbacks. In every journey toward success in life there are failures. I love words of Albert Einstein " Person who never made a mistake never tried anything new" Parents as mentors must train children that there will be times when they fail. However, they should nurture the spirit of resilience. Failures and setbacks have nothing to do with you and your children. You are all capable of getting back up and better after failure. Train your children to rise above failure. Avoid reminding of their past failures and instead keep encouraging them move on to a bright tomorrow. The past is gone we can only learn from it, but tomorrow is ahead and all can do something to make better.

4 Let all get hungry for success. Parents must be hungry for their own success and that of their children. As a family you have to actually want SUCCESS. According to the words of Bill Cosby "In order to succeed, your desire to succeed should be greater than your fear of failure" It is duty as parents to create success hunger in our children. Everyday as you interact keep talking of the value of success and work. As you share goodies let them know you have worked to succeed and get money to provide all they do enjoy. Keep asking them about their dreams in life and what they are doing about them. Reward them for efforts made toward succeeding. Buy them inspirational and motivational books. Our children require more books gifts than clothes. You can not bring up a wise generation that has a critical thinking mind without nurturing a book reading culture. This is my best gift to our children is the book I have authored.

By Stephen Kamore

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