Counselling Research Institute of Kenya (CRIKE)


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Welcome to Counselling Research Institute of Kenya

Boy - Child Mentorship Initiative


Our boys need serious mentorship. The president, deputy president, members of parliament. Members of County Assemblies, Religious leaders, leaders in public service and corporate organizations, business community and international community need to support the initiative of empowering our boys to grow into responsible fathers, leaders and husbands.

We are starting boy- child mentorship clubs in schools, churches and community. We need the support of all men in leadership in our country. Let me focus on what boy- child mentorship entails.

Who is a mentor?
This is any person who guides a less experienced person by building trust and modelling positive behaviours. In this case we need men who are ready to support our boys grow into responsible men in family, leadership and careers.

Our program is based on Carl Rongers client - centred model that uphold warm unconditional positive regard as one key pillar of successful mentorship. A good mentor for the boy - child should be empathetic,genuine and reay help without being judgemental. One must be willing to do what it takes to make the boy - Child successful in our modern Kenya.

I have a message for all men in leadership. Great leaders do not. Create followers, they create more LEADERS. Let us develop a legacy of creating more leaders in our boys from the family level to the wider society. Charity begins at home. When men leadership fail in the family the impact is felt in the wider society. A good reminder to my fellow men " We rise by lifting others"

I strongly believe it is possible to raise successfully boys in our society. When the everybody says "Give Up" Hope whispers " Try it one more time" this is why Counselling Research institute of Kenya is taking this tireless steps to ensure we have responsible future fathers,leaders and professionals.

Here are some roles men must take in boy - child mentorship

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Our clients include

  • Boy - child / young men
  • Parents and family
  • Individuals with counselling needs
  • Schools / educationists
  • Faith based organization
  • Orphans and venerable children
  • Emerging adults in colleges and community
  • Government personnel
  • Corporate bodies personnel
  • Counselors and psychotherapist
  • Peer counsellors in both high schools and colleges
  • Researchers
  • Leaders and policy makers
  • Adolescents / Children
  • Mental health service providers

Our Vision

  • To be a prominent institution in Counseling Initiatives, Training, Research and Innovations

Our Core Values

  • Our core values are team work,  integrity, confidentiality, Professionalism and excellence. This core values forms the basis of our programs and services.

Our Mission

  • Conducting research in hitherto neglected areas, disseminating the findings, empowering society through training, counseling and innovative approaches in minimizing the adverse social - economic challenges




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