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Welcome to Counselling Research Institute of Kenya

Advocacy to Address the Boy Child Crisis in Kenya


Advocacy and gender affirmative campaigns have been focusing on the girl child. The government and international donors have invested much in restoring the voice of the girl child. The girl child is empowered in education, politics and economic opportunities. This is recommendable.My point of focus is not to discredit the empowerment of the girl child but strike gender balance. The boy child is perishing and gradually being overtaken by the girl child.
For some boys the transition to adulthood is more difficult. Some boys became victims of crime and substance abuse at young age and suffer mental health problems such as depression. Others perform poorly in school or even drop out and engage in child labour. To be honest the challenges boys face have not gone unnoticed by scholars, popular media and public in general.

Counselling Research Institute of Kenya has developed a comprehensive program in support of the boy child in Kenya. We are politely looking for potential partners to support in the execution of this noble program. The objectives of this program include

a. Understanding environment culture of boys and young men.
b. Promote healthy families and communication for boys and young men
c. Reducing harms to boys and young men
d. Expanding economic opportunities for boys and young men.
e. Carry out more research on boy child issues.

Boys problems are not intractable and their strengths are many. Boys and girls find themselves negatively affected by social and cultural perspectives, institutions and systems within larger society. It is time to take action by mobilizing support for boys and young men. We need to apply solution focused approach.

It is time to identify potential partners to spearhead this noble mission. This include our president, Deputy president, members of parliament, county governors , members of count assemblies, cabinet secretaries, heads of government departments, schools, faith based institutions, business community and international friends.

This campaign include

1. Training boys' mentors in schools, colleges and churches
2. Train some boys as peer counsellors and educators. Equipping boys and young men on ways to support each other.
3. Empower fathers on effective boy child mentorship strategies.
4. Empowering boy child and young men on leadership skills.
5. Providing boys with positive supervised ways to spend their time when they are not in school.
6. Involving local media outlets in spreading messages that educate boys and young men on harmful behaviours and encourage positive behaviour change.
7. Teaching parents through group or one on one session on effective strategies of raising responsible boys.
8. Encouraging father and son bonding through shared activities and meals.
9. Establish schools peer tutoring clubs and provide training for tutors and teachers who organize these programs.

To register your boy child for our SMART STUDENT mentorship program send his name, school and mobile number to 0729156200 be added to the fast growing students mentorship Whattup group.

Those willing to partner with us in this noble mission can contact us. Call 0729156200. We are working with BOYS SCHOOLS, CHURCHES and COLLEGES in mentoring boy child. Contact us for more information online at

We must not allow boys to continue exploring life sheep without Shepherd. Successful women need successful husbands, fathers and co- leaders. You can not ride a bicycle with one peddle. So we need to empower both boys and girls. Let's us now focus on boy- child crisis in Kenya.

By Stephen Kamore

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Our clients include

  • Boy - child / young men
  • Parents and family
  • Individuals with counselling needs
  • Schools / educationists
  • Faith based organization
  • Orphans and venerable children
  • Emerging adults in colleges and community
  • Government personnel
  • Corporate bodies personnel
  • Counselors and psychotherapist
  • Peer counsellors in both high schools and colleges
  • Researchers
  • Leaders and policy makers
  • Adolescents / Children
  • Mental health service providers

Our Vision

  • To be a prominent institution in Counseling Initiatives, Training, Research and Innovations

Our Core Values

  • Our core values are team work,  integrity, confidentiality, Professionalism and excellence. This core values forms the basis of our programs and services.

Our Mission

  • Conducting research in hitherto neglected areas, disseminating the findings, empowering society through training, counseling and innovative approaches in minimizing the adverse social - economic challenges




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